About Brom Africa

Brom Africa is an African adventure travel and tour company specialising in personal and small group travel with friends and families. Our vision is to unite people and have adventures under the African skies. Brom comes from the Afrikaans word for Southern Ground Hornbill (Bromvoël). The southern ground hornbill is one of two species of ground hornbill, both found solely within Africa and is the largest species in the hornbill order worldwide.


Tour Guides

Dawid Lamprecht started Brom Africa alongside his sister Stephanie Lamprecht. Dawid and Stephanie love to travel and explore all the beauty Africa can bring. From a young age, they have adventures together, travelling and doing new things. They love people, adventures and having fun. Dawid met a group of students in 2015 from England and immediately made friends with them. He showed them around and help to book backpackers in Johannesburg. It was this first experience that made him want to help more people have a good time in Africa.

Brother and sister standing on a mountain

Stephanie Lamprecht

Stephanie travels because it is the most interesting thing to do between meals. She has been to Israel, Egypt and Seychelles Islands. Where there is an adventure and something new to see, Stephanie will be there.

Her favourite place is Kruger National Park. It is warm, with lots of different wildlife, birds and plants. She loves to travel anywhere that’s off the beaten trail. Anyone can buy a plane ticket, but helping a country come alive through its people, sights, culture, cuisine and customs is what Stephanie is all about. Stephanie enjoys the inevitable challenges, the unforgettable moments, the warm people, the stories shared, the memories made and every morsel of every tour.

Brother and sister standing in front of a waterfall

Dawid Lamprecht

Dawid has a Bcom Diploma with fourteen years of hospitality service and youth work experience. Eight years of corporate experience, as a marketing and operations manager. Seven years of social media production and knowledge. He has travelled to nine countries so far and hosted people from around the world on life-changing African experiences.